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So many tourists visit Bali without witnessing a true old culture ceremony. The best thing about Jasri Village is that you are actually staying in an old Balinese environment. With trekking, visiting the old temples, meeting and greeting local villagers on your walks, swimming in a cool natural water hole or snorkelling and surfing at your doorstep, it is hard to relive the experience anywhere else in Bali.

We encourage you to "Come for a day, stay a few more", because many families book in, go off to visit Kuta or Ubud, only to return for a few more days.

Visiting families enjoy their kids being looked after, taken to local activities, ceremonies, fishing, surfing, playing rock and roll in the main house meeting hall, or being taught local music and basic Indonesian language. The words "I am bored” is not known by the local kids".

On your stay you will engage in a daily ceremony to wish you a safe and enjoyable stay with us.

Accommodation is based on a local style bamboo bungalow which includes western features for your comfort such as: refrigerator, hot and cold showers, LED lighting, spacious bedding and Aqua water gallon. There are ceiling fans and a lovely breeze that is cooled across the rice fields.

Each bungalow is set amongst natural surroundings and elevated with scenic views of the volcano Mt Agung or sunrise over the ocean which creates your own piece of Paradise. The grounds are tended daily by our gardener Made Kordeton.

Night meals are prepared by our chef Ketut who travels to the early markets to buy fresh produce. There is no set menu but the variety of Indo meals are highly commented on. Also you will share the eating experience with up to 18 young people for whom our cook Wyan prepares traditional meals, which are shared 6 to a plate whilst sitting on the floor.

We encourage you to take our taxi to the local supermarket and stock your fridge with things that you enjoy. (Hotels normally supply these items at huge additional cost).

Interaction: As Jasri Dalem Surfing sponsors many local disadvantaged kids, expect to see them in and out of the main house. The bungalow housekeeping is performed by these local teenagers who are eager to do a good job and learn skills that may lead to future employment. All love to communicate and look after our guests to help improve their English language and confidence in meeting tourists. In many Bali resorts and hotels staff are not permitted to interact or converse with tourists. Cintamani is unique in encouraging this participation.

At Cintamani Jasri Dalem, we live by the Hindu tradition of Tri Hita Karana - Living In in harmony with God, Nature and your fellow man.

On arrival you are welcomed by the Hindu God Ganesha to ensure any obstacles in your life will be removed. Tri Hita Karana "living in harmony with God, Nature and your fellow man".

Enquiries and bookings by email welcome : jdsbali@yahoo.com : +6287762686144